Rule Of Stupids

Stupid is not a nice word. However, after reading about an Olympic athlete who refused to shake hands with a competitor and was sent home for poor sportsmanship, and some intriguing new information about the robbery in Rio, I was transported back to January 2, 2016 when sports analyst Trevor Matich shared his theory on the Rule of Stupids. Matich said, “Don’t do stupid things, in stupid places, at stupid times, around stupid people.” Consider the number of careers, companies and relationships that might have been saved by the Rule of Stupids!

Listen To Yourself

Wouldn’t it be amazing if we recorded every conversation so that we could go back and listen to ourselves? Thanks to the remarkable efforts of my communications partner, TannerFriedman, I have been interviewed for radio six times in the past month, including on the great show Opportunity Detroit. Have you ever listened to yourself talk on the radio? OH MY.


There is an enormous sense of relief when a large project comes to an end: a dissertation, a graduation, or a marathon. That is where I am today. I am writing to share good news. Yesterday, I published my new book, Destination Unstoppable. It has received glowing reviews from some remarkable athletes, executives, and leadership experts.

Funeral for a Friend

On Elton John’s magnificent album, “Goodbye, Yellow Brick Road”, there lies an 11 minute masterpiece called Funeral for a Friend. The mesmerizing opening marches the mourner along the pathway of grief. It cries in dismay, roars with denial, wails with anger, whimpers with loneliness, and quickens the heart with hope. It is on auto play in my head because I am crushed by the recent loss of two immensely talented friends. Let’s examine how these amazing men used their strengths to impact tens of thousands of lives.

Secret Sauce Series: Lydia Handzova

I met Lydia Handzova almost two years ago through my Succeed With Your Strengths workshops. First impressions are everything, and Lydia brought some serious “first impression” horsepower to our events. She was friendly, engaging, knowledgeable, and eager to make a difference. Never in a million years would I have imagined that Lydia had overcome some amazing challenges in her life. Let’s hear her story, and learn how she’s using her secret sauce to remove obstacles and make a big dent in the universe!