Zoo 2013 Dec 092 blog

Project Polar Bear?

Guess what it’s doing outside! SNOWING! Every Sunday for the past umpteen weeks, as I sit down to collaborate with you on Project Butterfly, it’s been snowing. I think it’s time to turn in our wings for some fur! To that end, I share with you a shot I took right before Christmas. A polar bear! What do polar bears and butterflies have in common? Aha! Read on…

Marquette lighthouse

The Fire Within

Hi guys! I’ve taken a week off because of vacation (and I took the photo below of a lighthouse last week when I was in Marquette, Michigan – WAY NORTH. Man, it was cold!) But, I’ve come back ON FIRE! That’s because I read this awesome quote: The firewood itself is not the fire. – Nagajun

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