I build winning teams by leveraging the untapped talent in the locker room or the conference room and aligning it with success. My approach has been honed with over ten years of experience in large companies, tech startups, and sports teams – from San Francisco to Singapore.

I believe there are three universal truths about teams:  

  1. All teams struggle (because we are all different!)
  2. There is untapped talent on every team
  3. Most teams haven’t defined what success looks like

Those teams and companies that leverage every ounce of talent to overcome the struggle and align with success will win. That is where I come in. 


I’ve worked with over 25 sports teams since January, 2015. Twelve made it to the Regional Championships, 8 made it to the state championships, and 5 of those teams won the state title. The Destination Unstoppable Process works!


Fortune 500 teams, startups, multiple industries – many of the performance problems are people problems, so industry, size, and location are largely irrelevant. Clients include La-Z-Boy, Kellogg’s, IBM, Ally, Huntington Bank, Beaumont, University of Michigan, SalesForce, Harman, and many others. Curious about outcomes? Contact Me and I’ll send you an overview of feedback from leaders and teams. 

Destination Unstoppable® is my program that enables leaders to define organizational success and align the holistic strengths of the people behind it. It ignites the team, and always results in the discovery of unexpected greatness. Athletes and employees feel valued and understood for how they solve problems, complete tasks, connect with others, and inspire change. It is a fun and fast-paced experience which builds the foundation for performance and success.

For more information on my Destination Unstoppable program, please click here.

MY VISION is a world where everyone courageously searches their heart, pursues their dreams with excellence, honor, and self-respect, inspiring others along the way.

MY MISSION is to reveal and honor the strengths of everyone I meet.

MY PURPOSE is to help individuals and teams accomplish what they were put on this earth to achieve.

Education & Experience

  • BS and MS in Mechanical Engineering
  • MS in Leadership & Business Ethics
  • Gallup Certified StrengthsFinder and Entrepreneurial Profile Coach
  • Certified Emotional and Social Competency Coach (Emotional Intelligence)
  • 20+ years of success in Fortune 500 companies

It would be my pleasure to help you and your teams achieve their full potential.  You can contact me by clicking here.

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