If the world runs on teams, why do so few reach their full potential? That is where I come in, offering team development workshops and individual coaching. Over 5,000 people have participated in my Destination Unstoppable® and Win Like A Girl® workshops, including 1,400 athletes and coaches. 

WHAT I DO: I help corporate leaders and sports coaches maximize the potential of their individuals and teams so that they can unite to overcome big obstacles and achieve significant goals. My Destination Unstoppable® and Win Like A Girl® programs are most valuable to mission-based teams that have a deep desire to succeed and are willing to work hard to get there. Watch my interview with Coach T.J. Buchanan, Director of Sport Development at World Lacrosse to learn how he’s leveraged his talents to be a better leader, family man, and coach.

No Teammates Are Left Behind

HOW I DO IT: I offer a workshops to help leaders, coaches and teams overcome obstacles. All roads begin with a talent assessment.

  • If you do not know the talent on your team, you can’t harness the talent on your team. Teams with untapped talent underperform. I leverage the Clifton StrengthsFinder® so that we can leverage every ounce of talent to achieve success.
  • Refine roles and connect strengths to success in the role.
  • Define holistic success – this sounds so easy, doesn’t it? It is not. This is where the future state of the team is described in great detail, and it is how we shift the culture and team chemistry.
  • Align strengths and roles behind the common view of success to increase unity. Unified teams overachieve. A divided team is a losing team. My teams run like a pack.
  • Workshop outcomes include greater self-awareness, improved appreciation of what others bring to the team, and a tremendous boost in energy and morale. These benefits drive performance.


“Last night went really well! The girls were so engaged in the lesson and what each other had to say. We have two success statements, the first is in the New Zealand language “Mana” which means power and the other phrase is “never back, always ahead.” Everyone was very confident in their new role and shared it with the team, so they will be held accountable. I think this is a great start to our season and just what we needed.” – Coach Corrine Smeak, William Penn University

One player has driven me crazy for years wanting to know if she’ll play a certain position or run a certain play “all season.” It is SO helpful to know that she has Competition and Futuristic as her top two strengths. Now I know why she wants to maximize the teams wins and wants me to map out the whole darn season. My patience has gone up with her need to know the future, which is really awesome! Have I said “Thank You” too much? Impossible!  –  Coach Jayne C.

“A big thank you and deep appreciation for your help with our Senior Leadership Team offsite. I think it was very well received and sets us up for a different kind of engagement.  – CEO of Fortune 500 company


Examples include:

  • Helping a talented but struggling high school hockey team win the state championship – in six weeks. This is the subject of a book I authored called Destination Unstoppablecompelling and fun!
  • Supporting the Canadian National Fencing Team on the road to the 2021 Olympics where they came in 5th. Three fencers advanced to the round of 16 in the individual competition. The only other team to achieve that success was Russia. Kelleigh Ryan, the super veteran on the team, came in 8th.
  • Strong partnership with U.S. Lacrosse focused on helping over 150 coach developers leverage their strengths to deliver an engaging experience for new coaches so that the game of lacrosse continues to grow.
  • Helping a varsity basketball coach manage his team’s mistake response so that they could reach their full potential. They won the Iowa State Championship.
  • Bridging the cultural gap between the partners and millennial employees in a branding and technology company.
  • Working with the executive leadership team of three health care companies as they navigate a difficult multi-billion dollar merger.
  • Improving the culture of quality in a large food company.
  • Driving stakeholder engagement for a CIO and his large global IT organization.
  • Improving team innovation and performance for the Chief of Security and his team who provide a global, cloud-based services offering.

Ready to invest in your team? Please click here to contact me for more information and a discussion about your needs. Let’s do this! – Maureen

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