I help corporate leaders and sports coaches maximize the potential of their individuals and teams so that they can unite to overcome big obstacles and achieve significant goals. My Destination Unstoppable® program is most valuable when leaders and teams have a deep desire to succeed and are willing to work hard to get there.

No Teammates Are Left Behind


I guide leaders, coaches and teams along the path to strengths-based success. While each journey is unique because all challenges, people and cultures are unique, the fundamentals remain intact:

  • Begin from a position of abundance by harvesting the untapped talent in the locker room or the conference room. I leverage the Clifton StrengthsFinder® so that we can communicate value propositions with confidence and clarity.
  • Refine roles and connect strengths to success in the role.
  • Define holistic success – this sounds so easy, doesn’t it? It is not. This is where the future state of the team is described in great detail, and it is how we shift the culture and team chemistry.
  • Align strengths and roles behind the common view of success.

REAL CLIENT FEEDBACK:  Hundreds of People & Dozens of Teams Around The Globe

  1. I believe the workshops were a valuable exercise: 98%
  2. I understand the connection between my strengths and success in my role: 95%
  3. I have a better understanding of the strengths of my team: 94%
  4. I believe this exercise will make our team more successful and productive: 93%

TEAM PROFILES: Seven of my clients are in the Fortune 200 and I’ve worked with multiple championship sports teams.

  • Helping a talented but struggling high school hockey team win the state championship – in six weeks. This is the subject of a book I authored called Destination Unstoppable, which was released in June, 2016. Compelling and fun!
  • Helping a varsity basketball coach manage his team’s mistake response so that they could reach their full potential. They won the Iowa State Championship in early March, 2017.
  • Working with a varsity lacrosse team in Orlando build a common view of success and harness their strengths so that everyone on the team was pulling on the rope in the same direction.
  • Bridging the cultural gap between the partners and millennial employees in a branding and technology company.
  • Working with the executive leadership team of three health care companies as they navigate a difficult multi-billion dollar merger.
  • Improving the culture of quality in a large food company.
  • Driving stakeholder engagement for a CIO and his large global IT organization.
  • Increasing internal collaboration for the VP of Operations and his team.
  • Improving team innovation and performance for the Chief of Security and his team who provide a global, cloud-based services offering.

I’d love to help you and your team find their path to Destination Unstoppable! Please click here to contact me for more information and a discussion about your needs. Let’s do this! – Maureen

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