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Legacy Blog


Your legacy is what people say about you after you move on – graduate from high school, college, take a new job. The person responsible for your legacy is looking at you in the mirror. We tend to think of legacy as being something for old people, have-beens, those past their prime. Not true. I recently learned a lot about the importance of legacy from two young professionals just beginning their business careers – both are interns.


Called To Coach

Hey, guys! How about that selfie? Okay, perhaps it is not what I look like on the outside (thank goodness) but it is how I feel on the inside. Why? It is hard for me to promote myself. It makes me uncomfortable. I’d rather promote something that you are doing than something I am doing. So, now that we have cleared the air on that topic, I want to invite you to a webinar tomorrow – I am the guest speaker!

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3 Leadership Lessons from Phillip Phillips

We are students of leadership and excellence, so what can we learn from a soft-spoken 23 year old kid who won American Idol a few years back? Plenty. I experienced it first hand when I was in the front row for a live concert with Phillip Phillips and his band (the band is key to this conversation). It was November 8th, and they were the headliner act after the Savannah Marathon. Through the close up and personal view of my telephoto lens (check out the photos!) I observed Phillip Phillips demonstrate three very important leadership lessons. Let’s review them together.

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Catch God’s Eye

One of my favorite songs is called “In the Embers” by Sleeping At Last. The lead vocalist sings in a clear, piercing tone, “May our stories catch fire, and burn bright enough to catch God’s eye.” Wow. What does it take to “catch God’s eye”? What does it feel like? How do we know when we’ve done it? The answers to those questions lie within. We are all capable of recognizing the energy we see in someone’s expression when they speak or behave authentically, tapping their true nature. They glow, they “light up”. They succeed. We know, because deep within, we all have that divine river running through us, and we can recognize it in others. Are you accessing that valuable resource? How are you “becoming fully” to catch God’s eye?