Compete Every Day – enjoy a rollicking 30 minute podcast where Jake Thompson, author of the fabulous book, Compete Every Day, interviews me about how Destination Unstoppable helps us get the best out of athletes and teams so that they win at the long game of life.

Watch Mallory Brophy explain how the Destination Unstoppable program helped her play lacrosse with more courage and confidence on the road to a state championship season. (10 minute video)

Watch my 12 minute video with TJ Buchanan, Director of Sport Development at World Lacrosse, explain how learning his strengths has made him a better leader and coach.

Coach Nicole Morris, founder of SportSight, explains how the Destination Unstoppable process helped her better understand, appreciate, and leverage the talents of her lacrosse players (14 minute video)

Destination Unstoppable – The Journey of No Athlete Left Behind: Sports leadership experts John O’Sullivan (author of Changing the Game) and James Leath, Director of Leadership at IMG Academy speak about my book. “Couldn’t put it down…”  “Must have for coaches and parents…” Listen to the first four minutes of this podcast and you’ll know if the rest is worth your time. Click Here.

My Blog for Adidas’ GamePlan A: This remarkable platform from Adidas is a “business lifestyle” magazine for professionals with an “athlete’s heart.” If you live at the intersection between high performance sports and high performance business, you’ll enjoy my blog and this site in general. Click here for this fun and fast read.

Be Unstoppable – The Human Side of Winning: Coach Weidenbach published a paper about how we worked together to transform his 2015 hockey team from dysfunctional and fractured to unified and state champions. Read by hundreds of coaches around the world, now you can read it too! Click here.

Knowledge As a Competitive Advantage: This Gallup webcast includes my insights on how to use Knowledge to build a platform for your personal and professional success. Click here.

Winning Youth Coaching Podcast: This fabulous podcast differentiates from others because the host, Craig Haworth, is a sports coaching expert. Really enjoyed discussing how I combine my corporate-based program with sports teams to help the Cranbrook Hockey Team win the state championship. Grab a Cuppa Joe and learn how you can help your team find Destination Unstoppable! Click here.

Michigan Business Network: If you lead a team or are part of a team that is struggling, my short 5 minute interview conducted by the talented Matt Friedman for the Michigan Business Network is for you! Click here and listen while you wash the dishes!

WXYZ-TV: Watch this fast paced four minute video where the talented Malcom Maddox interviews me and one of the stars of my book, Blake Rogow (The Team Competitor), about the journey to Destination Unstoppable. Click here and grab some popcorn.

Detroit Free Press: Prefer to read? In July, I was interviewed by Frank Witsil, Detroit Free Press Business Editor about my process for building winning teams. Click here  relax and enjoy the ride!