First of all, many thanks to my rock star Strengths community for promoting tomorrow’s “Called to Coach” webinar!  I am so fortunate to have been asked by Gallup to speak about my coaching and leadership development practice. I couldn’t be more thrilled (maybe that’s why my face is red?)

Special thanks to Vicki Flaherty, Sharon Horbyk, Khalid Raza, Anna Leong Siew, Darrel Rader, Eric Ray, Susan Emerick, Natalia Dykiert, and Janet Cohen for inviting others to join, sharing the info via LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. Lydia Handzova has “encouraged” me (thank you, Lydia!) to do more with social media by creating and helping execute a plan. I am so grateful! (You may remember Lydia from my last blog – she is remarkable!  Click Here if you didn’t read it yet.)

You guys are my special friends, so I’d like to share some of my topics. I will speak about:

1.     How I helped the Cranbrook High School hockey team go from talented & struggling to talented and State Champs in six weeks (the MOST fun I’ve ever had in a coaching engagement!)

2.     My success programs in the STEM community (technology, science, engineering, etc.) Are STEM teams different? Hmm… let’s talk about it!

3.     My business philosophy – how I approach an engagement.

It will be fun to talk about these things in the context of some real examples.

In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve been blogging less. It’s a consequence of balancing the dialing down of my day job and the dialing up of my strengths-based success business. It’s going well, but it’s difficult to manage. I find myself with very little free time. I ask for your patience and understanding.

In addition, Mike Fezzey, president of Huntington National Bank, passed away recently. Mike gave me my first big break as a success architect. He trusted me with his senior leadership team, and he was a partner on my Make Michigan Strong program. Mike died suddenly of a heart attack. He was 58 years old. I will soon blog about him and his remarkable ability to lead. In the meantime, please keep his family and team in your thoughts.

I hope to see you tomorrow – and you’ll have to let me know if my face is as red as the one in the image above!  Onward!

UPDATE: We had a BLAST!  I’ve since appeared on Called to Coach again (2016). You can see the conversation on YouTube –

Maureen (Ideation ~ Strategic ~ Learner ~ Achiever ~ Individualization ~ Maximizer)


  1. I’m looking forward to hearing all about you success creating success! It is so true that you are awesome at promoting others – and you are getting better all the time at promoting yourself – and in such an authentic and perfect way!

      • Maureen Monte

      • 9 years ago

      Hi Vicki! Thank you so much for your kind remarks – you have certainly heard me moan about my troubles often enough! :) You always listen, fully present! And when YOU call ME authentic, well, that’s high praise indeed! Thanks again for all your support!

  2. You can do it (I will be there) cheering you up, you are a rock start! I found this “make a list of things that makes you happy, make a list of things you do every Day, compare the lists. Ajust accordly. I can not thank you enough, for giving the right direction

      • Maureen Monte

      • 9 years ago

      Carmen, it is working with people like you who make my “Success Movement” a joy… I love how you’ve taken the Strengthsfinder information, internalized it, and used it as a guide to make better daily decisions and career decisions. You’ve stayed with it, and made it a practice, not a one time “Career Vitamin” . I think you’re marvelous, and have felt that way from the first time we engaged a few years back. 3 now? 4? Anyhow, I want to introduce you to one of my Gallup instructors, Blanca Garcia. I met her about three weeks ago. She is in Mexico and a rock star Strengths leader in her own right. I’ll send an email introducing the two of you.

      1. Hi.
        It feels like we know forever, but it was 3 years ago when I had the luck of finding your blog, By then my career was not in its best shape, it was daily inner figth to decide to get out of the bed, and go to work on something that was not making me happy.
        I will always be grateful about you sharing that, opening my eyes and giving me the confidence to move to something aligned to my strengths.
        From then the idea of finding your strengths and make the best of them has been like a cult to me, I keep sharing it whenever I can, hoping to be able to do as much good to the people around me, as you did with me once.

        It was a joyful experience swing you today. I was cheering you and shouting to my husband ( who is alos a fan of you ) “Maureen mentioned me!!!!!!, she mentioned me!!!”

        Hope to see more video session from you.

          • Maureen Monte

          • 9 years ago

          Carmen, I am so thrilled by your remarks. And I read the comments in the chat room – your baby also saw the webinar! That is too cool! What is your baby’s name?

          You have embarked upon the Strengths journey, and have made the important connection between who you are (your strengths) and what you’re doing (your job). It’s simple, but not easy. So kudo’s to you for making that commitment – it is a practice, not a pill.

          I wish I could have talked longer about you! Maybe we can have a skype/video interview – I’ll reach out. Tell your husband “Thank you!” for being a fan too! Can’t wait to hear about his rock star strengths!