What Success Looks Like

I’ve taken a hiatus from blogging. It wasn’t really a conscious choice. I’ve been squeezed by forces – fabulous forces – that have required my energy and focus. One of those forces was working with the Cranbrook Varsity Hockey Team, leveraging my strengths-based success program on their quest to win the Michigan State Championship. The experience of working with them, pardon the pun, was a game changer for me.

What is YOUR Personal “Best of 2014?”

It’s that time of year again, isn’t it? The major news organizations highlight their “best of” events, fashions, photos, movies, and moments. What does your 2014 year in review look like? What were your amazing experiences? Did you write them down? Research shows that when we write something down, we are 45% more likely to remember it. Read on to see what we can learn from a very talented woman who creates her own personal “Best of 2014” celebration.

Pausing To Celebrate

It is Labor Day, a holiday for us here in the US. Did you pause and celebrate the fruits of your labors? Did you think about your accomplishments to date? Some of us (ahem, me!) are not very good at that. However, I am good at pausing to celebrate the success of my colleagues, clients, and friends. Join me in a standing-o for Jen, Khalid and Sharon – and add your reasons to celebrate as well!

A Beautiful Mind

What’s happening in your head right now? Are you chastising yourself for a mistake made yesterday – or six years ago? Are you dreaming about dessert? Are you wondering what your boss thinks of you, or wishing death upon the mean girl at the office, or evaluating when you can quit and do what you really were put on this earth to do? What is that conversation like, and who is in charge? What if that same mental chatter was happening between you and a REAL PERSON – with them doing all the talking. Would it change things? Would you smile, press their hand gently, and say, “Shhh… take a deep breath! It will all be okay.” Or would you say, “Shut up, you neurotic nimrod! Get outta my house! You’re driving me crazy!”


Mastery is a complicated and difficult goal. What does it mean to master your craft and “be your best?” How do we get there? Research shows it is a 10,000 hour commitment, whether you’re learning to play piano, speak French, or become a brain surgeon. Let me put this in perspective. If you dedicate yourself to improving your craft with 5 hours of concentrated effort each week, that equals 260 hours a year. At that rate, you’ll be a master in 38.5 years. Ouch.