How many times have we been told, “Fix your weaknesses and you’ll be a rock star!” Never.

Hone your strengths and you’ll be a rock star. Peak performance lies in fully understanding what you do best, making your weaknesses irrelevant.
Destination Unstoppable book by Maureen Monte

This fascinating approach is explored in the true story of an unlikely partnership between business consultant Maureen Electa Monte and veteran coach Andrew Weidenbach to help the talented but struggling Cranbrook boy’s high school varsity hockey team.

When Destination Unstoppable, Monte’s strengths-based success program, was deployed—magic happened. Untapped talent was discovered and utilized on and off the ice. No teammate was left behind. Momentum grew with compounded interest. Six weeks later they were state champions.

Average goals per game

After working with Maureen, Cranbrook had a 0.909 win rate, and outscored the competition 67 to 16 goals over 11 games.

After working with Maureen, Cranbrook shut out the competition both in the semi-finals (8-0) and the state championship (4-0).


After working with Maureen, Cranbrook outshot the competition by an average of 24 shots per game (an 8% increase).

After working with Maureen, Cranbrook won the state championship.

Shots on goal after
“I do believe we played better in the second half. The chemistry was also way better. There is NO doubt in my mind that working with Maureen was the main factor… I am surprised how our players reacted and the long-lasting effects.”

—Andrew Weidenbach, Cranbrook Varsity Boys Hockey Head Coach, 2015 State Champions


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