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Destination Unstoppable is more than a sports success story. It is a team success story – and the world runs on teams. This book is for any coach or leader who seeks to achieve a competitive advantage by harnessing the full capabilities of every person in the locker room or the conference room.

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I’ve consulted with over 1,400 coaches and athletes. The journey of learning their strengths to drive self-awareness and understanding of teammates creates a competitive advantage by uniting the team. The Destination Unstoppable Process works! Read more about it below, followed by feedback from coaches and leaders. Contact me if you are ready to learn what makes YOU a great coach or athlete, and to invest in the talent on your team.

Face the facts
After I worked with Cranbrook High School, they had 0.909 win rate, outscored the competition 67 to 16 goals over 11 games, and shut out the competition in the semi-finals (8-0) and the state championship (4-0). They became unstoppable. Their story can be your story.
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“My two coaches and I met yesterday and it turned into a four hour discussion about how we could use our strengths to coach, practice, and manage our Varsity, JV, and Freshman Teams. We then used the (StrengthsFinder) test results to determine who was best suited to manage the political maneuvering, record keeping, and statistics collecting for this season. To top things off my Assistant Coach is having a baby halfway through the season!! So, we had to decide how our newest and youngest coach was going to float into her responsibilities while she was on Maternity Leave! As you might remember, I am an old Viet Nam fighter pilot, so this amount of Mothering, and Relationship Building is going to test me to the limit. I have never been so excited about the start of any of my past twelve Lacrosse Seasons.”Coach Bob Panke, Liberty Lacrosse

“Thank you so much for helping this team come together and believe in each other. Your program is amazing. They have gained confidence and at the same time, humility, and to put their teammates first. Thank you for always going the extra mile.” – Coach John LaFontaine, Cranbrook Varsity Hockey

“History is littered with gifted individuals and teams that failed to reach their full potential. You must invest in a player’s strengths and the strengths of the collective to build a championship team. This book will teach you to discover the untapped talent on your team, and harness it to reach your Destination Unstoppable”
– Ryan Diem, Super Bowl XLI Champion, Indianapolis Colts ’01-’11

“A season on the brink, a scuffling team not realizing their potential. More Practice? Work Harder? How about a radical approach of optimizing performance by unleashing the inherent strengths of each personality on the team… You will undoubtedly be inspired to find ways to do the same with your team to produce equally dramatic results.”
– Shawn Patterson, VP, Organizational Effectiveness, DTE Energy

Become Unstoppable
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