Overcoming team challenges is my specialty.

People are complex creatures that behave unpredictably under pressure. That is where I come in, offering team development workshops and individual coaching that helps everyone respond well to trouble and control the controllables.  Thousands of people have participated in my Destination Unstoppable® and Win Like A Girl® workshops, including nearly 2,500 athletes and coaches.

Maureen Monte standing next to tall hockey player Michael Brown

What I do

I help corporate leaders and sports coaches maximize the potential of their individuals and teams so that they can unite to overcome big obstacles and achieve significant goals. Contact me for more information.

My Destination Unstoppable® and Win Like A Girl® programs provide rocket fuel to  corporate and sports teams that have a deep desire to succeed and strong work ethic.

Watch my interview with Coach T.J. Buchanan, Director of Sport Development at World Lacrosse to learn how he’s leveraged Destination Unstoppable to be a better leader, family man, and coach.

Team Success Stories

Their success is my success, because all teams struggle!

  • My global sports teams have won dozens of championship trophies and medals, and I’m thrilled for them. But it’s not enough. Coaching powerful athletes to become champions at the game of life is what success looks like to me.
  • My corporate teams achieve better KPI’s but that’s not enough. A fully unified team that can speak about the unspeakables and right their own ship when they get off track is what success looks like to me.
  • Helping a talented but struggling high school hockey team win the state championship – in six weeks. This is the subject of a book I authored called Destination Unstoppable – compelling and fun!
  • Supporting two National Teams on the road to the 2020 Olympics and 2022 World Championships. The obstacles were many – new coaches, new athletes, geographic separation, postponing the Olympics due to the pandemic – it was rough. Win Like a Girl training helped them work through it, earning individual and team medals along the way.
  • Building a strong partnership with USA Lacrosse to help coach developers, coaches, and athletes reach their full potential.
  • Bridging the cultural gap between the “older” partners and new employees in a branding and technology company.
  • Guiding health care executives through a multi-billion-dollar merger.
  • Boosting team innovation and performance for the Chief of Security and his cloud-based services team.

How I do it

I offer training to help leaders, coaches, and teams reach their full potential. All roads begin with a talent assessment—the greatness on the inside fuels the greatness on the outside.
  • Identify the greatness – I leverage the Clifton StrengthsFinder® to measure that internal greatness so that we bring a “whole person” approach to success. Your strengths are your unique toolkit to achieve success in all you do.
  • Identify performance gravity – what’s holding the team back? Often it’s low trust, fear, and strained relationships. What’s your team’s gravity? Does your team invest in a trust bank? A divided team is a losing team. We work together to help your team run like a pack.
  • Expand the comfort zone – there is no prescription Confidence Pill. Confidence requires training, deliberate practice, and relentless encouragement. We don’t remove fear, we build bravery. And we track progress daily.
  • Adopt self-leadership principles – if you cannot lead yourself through the minefield of your own emotions, you cannot lead others. Great leadership begins with great self-leadership. Taking full ownership of everything you say or do is essential. And it’s hard work.
  • Training outcomes include stronger people, stronger teams, and stronger performance.