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Female athletes lack confidence. But confidence is a muscle that gets stronger with use. Ready to train? videos, buy the book on Amazon or Contact me to chat.

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Hi, I’m Maureen Monte.

I’m not interested in theory; I’m interested in the applied theory that drives real results in real teams comprised of real people.

I provide confidence training and exercises to help teams overcome obstacles, deepen connections, and align with clear success metrics – both the WHAT we want to achieve and HOW we behave to get there. The result is a competitive advantage – from the locker room to the board room – found in the human system of performance.

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I’ve consulted with over 2,000 coaches and athletes at the high school, college, and Olympic levels. My two books, Destination Unstoppable and Win Like a Girl, teach coaches, parents, and athletes how to create a competitive advantage grounded in trust, unity, and fearlessness.

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