Learning To Drive (Your Life!)

Do you remember when you first learned to drive a car? Were you afraid of making a mistake? Turning without hitting anything? And God forbid, managing a stick shift? No matter what auto you started with, there was a learning curve that demanded persistence, courage, and experimentation. Did you eventually discover the joy of driving? Did you enjoy the windows down, the wind in your hair, the roar (or meow) of an engine, and the sense of freedom that forward motion delivers. A similar process exists in discovering how to drive your own life. And I’ve got a great example to prove it.

Close Observation

One of the best things about coaching colleagues is the gift they give back; you’ve both had the chance to watch each other in action. There’s no better way to judge someone’s amazing talent than through a “live audition.” This gift of observation is precious when people make the time to talk about it. I experienced this recently – here’s what went down.