The Song of Strengths – Building Leadership

Refreshing. Inspiring. That’s what it was like in 2010 when Maureen shared her strengths view of the world with me. From this window, I saw new possibilities. You don’t have to live life focused on deficiencies and gaps – you can focus on strengths and the positive qualities that enable you to do great work. Wow. That was incredibly empowering.

Poor Uncle Jerry!

Last week we marveled over the perils of an Uncle Jerry in your world – those people, harsh words, or circumstances that pull us away from our center. They throw us into a tailspin from which it is difficult to emerge. There was some great dialogue in the comments about your own experiences. Talking in superhero terms, Uncle Jerry is our kryptonite. Luckily, we are blessed with Superman / Superwoman powers – OUR AWESOME, ROCKSTAR STRENGTHS!