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Legacy Blog


Your legacy is what people say about you after you move on – graduate from high school, college, take a new job. The person responsible for your legacy is looking at you in the mirror. We tend to think of legacy as being something for old people, have-beens, those past their prime. Not true. I recently learned a lot about the importance of legacy from two young professionals just beginning their business careers – both are interns.


Ideas Welcome

I am an Idea Machine – Ideation is my number one StrengthsFinder® talent. While I was watching TV on Monday, I saw a marvelous GE commercial on how the corporate world responds to people who generate ideas. It absolutely knocked me off my feet. The Idea is represented by a creature that looks like an offspring between Big Bird and a peacock. It is repeatedly kicked to the curb, locked out of the building, and trashed as being undesirable until, morose and deflated, it walks through the doors of GE.


Rule Of Stupids

Stupid is not a nice word. However, after reading about an Olympic athlete who refused to shake hands with a competitor and was sent home for poor sportsmanship, and some intriguing new information about the robbery in Rio, I was transported back to January 2, 2016 when sports analyst Trevor Matich shared his theory on the Rule of Stupids. Matich said, “Don’t do stupid things, in stupid places, at stupid times, around stupid people.” Consider the number of careers, companies and relationships that might have been saved by the Rule of Stupids!

Serenity Angel

The Angel Within

The reason angels can fly is because they take themselves lightly. – G.K. Chesterton

Those of you who know me well can vouch for the fact that I’m not up for the Angel of the Year award! Sure, I’ve photographed kids with autism, cystic fibrosis, and Down’s syndrome to help raise money for a good cause. None of this was hard for me to do because when I have my camera in hand, I’m working. The camera is a safety net, a guard rail. Real angelic behavior doesn’t come easily for me, and that’s both a strengths statement and a self-leadership statement. So what’s an aspiring angel to do?