Hi guys!

One quick update: In my last blog post (ages ago!), I spoke about meeting a deadline for my book. I am happy to report that I did complete a proper first draft, and have since received an updated version from my editor. She had awesome feedback and it means that most mornings my head is stuck in Word for a few hours, so I’m still revising & polishing. I am thrilled with the progress.

New news: I was an honored guest on a lovely show hosted by two amazing Europeans, Rogier Noort and John Wenger, who help teams and corporations re-imagine the workplace. I spoke about the value proposition of building strengths-based teams and organizations. It was a fast paced, fun experience, and I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to speak with Rogier and John.

Before I go into details, it is instantly apparent that these two remarkable men have formed a strategic alliance based on different views of the same value proposition – reimagining work. John brings the people side of the equation, and Rogier brings the technology and social business expertise. Therefore, we covered both sides of the success coin. Here is a list of topics and timeline from our one hour podcast. Click here to listen to it on the web (scroll down and you’ll see the player), or you can also find it on iTunes or Stitcher. It’s a delightful conversation to have playing in the background.

Topics & Timeline

  1. Introductions – 00:00
  2. The link between my thinking strengths & teambuilding – 04:30
  3. My life in Paris & becoming an entrepreneur and Strengthsfinder Coach – 06:00
  4. Why strengths & success are connected – 10:30
  5. People are not problems to be fixed – 16:00
  6. Life in an execution focused workplace – 24:00
  7. Re-imagining a strengths-based workplace – 30:00
  8. The importance of a support system – 38:30
  9. Functional skills, soft skills and who really you are – 48:00
  10. Working with Stupid Harvey (the fictional, inept manager) – 53:30

After the interview, Rogier was interested in taking the Clifton StrengthsFinder, and he’s blogging about his journey (click here).

Rogier is a sophisticated thinker who brings an optimistic and fair view to those around him. I bet his Positivity would just love it if you had two minutes to read his blog and provide a few words of encouragement. I would sure appreciate it, for I know that I’ve benefited from the support of you folks as well.

Finally, I am thrilled to report that the fork in the road approaches, and I’m taking it! As of December 31, 2015, I will no longer be managing two careers. (Insert virtual parade & fireworks!) I will have only one career to manage, and that will be doing what I do best, so that my clients can do what they do best.

More to come!

Maureen (Ideation | Strategic | Learner | Achiever | Individualization | Maximizer)


  1. This was indeed a pleasure. It opened up so many ideas and possibilities. This is what “onward” is all about. Meeting the right people, and get inspired by them.

    Thanks Maureen.

      • Maureen Monte

      • 9 years ago

      Hi Rogier, you’ve made a great point. When we meet people who help us gain a new perspective, or share an idea, everyone benefits from the experience. I received a gift from you – a fresh perspective on the strength of Consistency based on your understanding of how it manifests itself in your world. That will help me be a more effective coach. Win/Win/Win – Onward! :-0

    • jeff

    • 9 years ago

    Maureen! Congratulations. Very excited for you as you navigate this next transition in your classic thoughtful and well planned manner. Can’t wait to read your book. Is there a target publication date?


      • Maureen Monte

      • 9 years ago

      Hi Jeff! I laughed out loud at your wonderful remark – “thoughtful and well planned manner…” It feels a bit chaotic to me, but that’s okay. I do not have a target publication date yet. I need to get my next edit back to my editor (I’m close, but no cigar yet) and then she’ll work her magic. Once I’m done with my end of the writing, I”ll start a two pronged approach. I’ll look for a publisher and I’ll explore self-publication. I’m open to either. I’ll keep my supporters (like you!) in the loop. We need to have a celebratory event when I’m managing only one career, not two. And thank you for being part of my journey for YEARS! :-)