“We must find time to stop and thank the people who make a difference in our lives.”
– John F. Kennedy

Here I am, my friends, as the sun sets on 2013, with a huge opportunity to simply stop and share my gratitude for having you beside me on our self-leadership and strengths journey.

It’s easy to get caught up in the hubbub of the holidays, the obligations of family, the end-of-the-year work crush. But, I want to stop for a moment, and do what my friend Vicki Flaherty often does, pause to celebrate. Once in a while, I’ll get an instant message from her, after she’s heard that I’ve accomplished a goal or had some good news.  She’ll write, “I want to take this moment to pause and celebrate with you…” The first time she did that to me, I was astonished.  The thought of pausing for much of anything is kind of foreign to me.  It felt great.

I want to return the favor, and stop for a moment to celebrate with you. I celebrate the awesomeness of having a good job, of people who engage with me on a personal level, and share their hopes and dreams as we work together to make them happen.  I celebrate those who open their heart with kindness and compassion, who offer insight and a new lens on difficult problems or circumstances.  I celebrate those who simply listen without judging or advising.

I pause to celebrate YOU.

May you enjoy this holiday season surrounded by the love and laughter of family and friends.

Thank you for making a difference in my life.


6 thoughts on “Celebrate

  1. This morning I pause to say a special THANK YOU to you and Vicki for always being there for me; for celebrating with me and for lifting my heart when it needs to be lifted. Grateful for our friendship I am wishing you both a new year full of wonder, amazement, love and laughter!

    • Hi Karin! How goes it in your part of the world? And of course, gratitude is a 2 way street- you know how much I admire you for the work you’re doing in Europe. AMAZING. Thank YOU for making a difference not only in my world, but in the lives of so many people in and outside of the workplace.

      Also, you must be a psychic (wouldn’t surprise me!) because the name of my New Year’s posts is WONDER land – how can we work together to create more wonder in our world… you are ahead of me! I love it! Laughing about it as I write this – all the best my friend, you bring a smile to my heart every time we chat, no matter the topic. Onward!~

  2. Ah, the opportunity to pause and celebrate – always available to us, just requiring us to slow down and seize the possibility. (Pausing is not so foreign to you, you know – I see your weekly blogging as an intentional form of celebration.) It’s been a year with many ups and downs – and thanks to you, I’ve been able to find heaven right where I am regardless of the direction things seem to feel like they are going. I am so blessed that you call me your friend. Here’s to all we’ll create together in 2014!

    • Welcome back, Vicki!! I’m sure Mexico was fab – in fact, I saw the photo of you releasing your lantern – I thought it was quite moving. How did it feel to you? Thank you for “re-framing” my blogging as pausing to celebrate!! I, of course, had not seen it that way at all. But your perspective gives me pause (no pun intended) and I like it! Indeed, many ups and downs, for us all, and we do have to remember that heaven is here and now, and this is the place to train. :) I said the same thing to a dear friend (my first Strengthsfinder client!) at dinner on Sunday eve (the wonderful Pita Cafe!) It’s kind of like looking for your reading glasses only to find they’re sitting on your head (that happens to me a lot). :-) Many blessings indeed, my friend – and much more to come in 2014. I just know it. Onward!

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