Good Deeds

The opportunity to “do good today” is often wrapped in unexpected circumstances. This story is about a conversation I overheard between a business man and a challenged, possibly troubled, teenager on a flight back from Knoxville. As the dialogue unfolded, I listened raptly, and even scribbled it in my notebook. Today I reread the conversation I documented 18 months ago, and was inspired to share it with you.

Pausing To Celebrate

It is Labor Day, a holiday for us here in the US. Did you pause and celebrate the fruits of your labors? Did you think about your accomplishments to date? Some of us (ahem, me!) are not very good at that. However, I am good at pausing to celebrate the success of my colleagues, clients, and friends. Join me in a standing-o for Jen, Khalid and Sharon – and add your reasons to celebrate as well!