The phrase “secret sauce” comes from the idea that there are ingredients in and about you that make you unique, remarkable, successful and valuable. The Big Mac without the secret sauce isn’t as tasty. Given the choice of a Big Mac with or without the secret sauce, I harbor to guess that the multitudes would say “With!” We want people to say the same thing about having you on the team. We want them to say, “With!” Not because they are nice, and you are nice, which is all very nice and largely irrelevant, but because you will make the project better, the team better, the company better.

Great Partners!

If it’s Sunday, it must be snowing. It is snowing. The expression on the amazing vulture in this Christmas photo represents my attitude about the topic. But we aren’t going to let that derail our focus on our strengths, are we? In fact, with a grateful nod to Strengths expert Jamie Librot, I’m going to share a strengths example that actually occurs in the sweet, warm sea!

Project Polar Bear?

Guess what it’s doing outside! SNOWING! Every Sunday for the past umpteen weeks, as I sit down to collaborate with you on Project Butterfly, it’s been snowing. I think it’s time to turn in our wings for some fur! To that end, I share with you a shot I took right before Christmas. A polar bear! What do polar bears and butterflies have in common? Aha! Read on…

Room To Breathe

Hello my fellow Project Butterfly partners!

Well, I am sitting here writing at my kitchen table, smiling at some beautiful pink tulips given to me by my awesome neighbor, Gail. We’re trying to “ward off” the sense of doom associated with yet another major snow storm that arrived yesterday. I have an additional 8” of snow on top of the 40” that fell in January. Two more storms slated for later this week. It’s hard to find room to breathe in this onslaught by Mother Nature!