Snow Butterfly

It’s snowing, AGAIN. Temps will be below zero, AGAIN. Snowiest January on record in my town. I’m finding it a bit hard to remain motivated when every time I leave the house, I am met with an attack on my life. I was “shifting” snow today and saw that my little garden butterfly (given to me as a birthday present by my nephew, Nelson) was completely snow covered! What’s a butterfly to do in times like these? Ask for help, of course!


“We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.” – Maya Angelou

How true is that? Well – I have an idea. I’ve been noodling on some things since the new year, looking for ways to add more WONDER to my LAND (see last week’s blog). The fermentation of that noodling is a project I want to launch called Project Butterfly, and I invite you to join me. Interested?

Wonder Land

“Wonder is the beginning of wisdom.”
― Socrates

As we look toward 2014, I have a goal. Not a resolution, a goal. I want more WONDER in my LAND. I want a career, a life, a journey that fills me with joy and wonder, and through that experience, wisdom will grow. Wisdom will help me make more effective decisions in my professional and personal life. It will help me be a better self-leader. Do you want the same thing? If so, how can we achieve it together? I have some thoughts on this.

The Bridge

Happy New Year!

Today, as we straddle 2013 and 2014, we might bridge what was and what will be by considering the progress we’ve made! Is there something in particular that you are proud of from 2013? When you look back and think about the most satisfying moments, what are they? Are they work, personal, or both? Did you overcome a barrier, let something go, or find a new pathway to your heart’s desire? Is there anything you’d care to share?